Will Marcus

Will is the Principal and Managing Director of the ARGO Group of companies and has been an architect since 1983 and a master planner since 1993.

Will`s special areas of expertise are in Aquatics, Leisure Facilities, Necropoleis and Low Cost Medium to High Density Housing, social equity planning, place making and restoration of the natural environment and its interface with human settlements. Will is a registered architect in Australia (NSW, QLD & VIC) and a member of the RAIA and AAA professional institutions and a member of ACCA and QCCA industry associations and regularly lectures at industry conferences on place making, master planning, aquatic and funerary architecture.

Will is recognised as a leading innovator in the design of aquatic and funerary facilities and master planning, having won several significant international and Australian awards for design excellence and environmentally sustainable projects.

Tom Bauer

Tom commenced with ARGO in 2006 as a Senior Project Architect and Operations Manager and in 2007, Tom became the managing director of the ARGO office in Germany, GLOBE Architektur. Tom is a registered architect, civil/structural engineer, acoustic engineer and registered thermal consultant with significant experience in heritage restoration, documentation, thermal and acoustic design.

Tom specializes in providing highly accurate forensic architectural accounting services, including project feasibility analyses, project account auditing and bills of quantity schedules to several of the largest world banks including Deutscher Bank and the German Government.

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