AHIMSA is a Sanskrit word meaning `action without force`, which also translates to “do no harm” – this concept underpins everything we do.

RESPECT for all life but specifically for the clients we serve, the staff we work with, and the communities we work in – that`s our commitment.

QUALITY for us means making things more suitable, beautiful, graceful and appropriate for the purpose. Quality is also about professional service, innovative design and clever planning solutions.

SUSTAINABILITY, in an environmental sense, is about saving the planet. As architects, we know that our footprints echo into the future so our target is to design and build structures that aren`t energy consuming solutions.


ARGO`s founder and Group Managing Director, Will Marcus, started his design career in 1978 in the heart of Brisbane, Queensland. By 1994, Will had worked on over 2,000 swimming pools throughout Australia, many garnering industry awards and accolades.

In 1985, ARGO commenced work on major aquatic, planning and leisure projects in various locations around the world before opening an office in Kuala Lumpur in 1999. In 2007, ARGO established an office in Dortmund, Germany in order to access best practice in energy efficient design.

Community memberships

Founding member, Offshore Chinese Thanatological Society
Founding member, Kurilpa Community Planning Initiative
Founding member, Civiva
Founding member, West End Community Association (WECA)

Industry memberships

World Cemetery & Crematoria Association (WCCA)
Australian Cemetery & Crematoria Association (ACCA)
Queensland Cemetery & Crematoria Association (QCCA)
World Waterpark Association (WWA)
HIA Membership 1201378

Professional memberships

Australian Architects Association (AAA)

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